Manufacturing Workflow

Hi All,

I’ve been trialing ERPNext for a few days now, primarily for manufacturing, BOM and stock control.

My workflow is as follows:

  • Create Production Order > Transfer Materials > Perform Operations > Complete Build and move to stock

I want to keep the operations high level, so for our product it might just be:

  • Assemble (takes 2.5 hours)
  • Load Software (takes 0.5 hours)
  • Test (takes 1 hour)

My ideal scenario is that a user in the workshop can update the status of where he is twice a day, and management can log in at any point to see progress.

If we assume this Production Order was for 20 units, then this will span several days. Management can log in and see a quick summary which may say for example: 10 units assembled, 5 units loaded with software, 1 unit tested

Now the first problem which i believe is a known use case bug (although i’m not sure why?), is that i cannot have one operation spanning multiple days (assuming my workstation is only open during the day). In the example above my ‘Assemble’ operation takes a total 50 hours for all 20 units, and unless i enable overtime this isn’t allowed. Is there any way around this?

My second problem is that i cant find a way of entering granular updates via the time log for each operation. If a user updates the time log to say he has completed 3 units this morning, is there a way of editing or adding a new log in the afternoon to say hes completed another 3 units?

It might just be that my workflow is wrong, or this use case isn’t catered for. But i assume this is a fairly standard requirement?


There is one work around. You can break your sales order into smaller production orders so that all operations are completed within a day. This might help you to plan better too.

Production Orders for smaller quantities might also here here.