Manufacture Button on Desktop

YouTube tutorial for BOM begins with the Manufacture button, but that is not on my desktop. The manufacturing is necessary for me, so I need to find out if this is something additional I need to download?

I feel silly. I found where to add. :blush:

Well less silly because I’m still not getting to what I need.
I’m still not able to create a BOM, all I can create is a new Item.

First check your Role List and that Manufacturing User and Manufacturing Manager are not disabled, then add this roles to your user and then try to open page your_site_name/desk#Tree/BOM

it looks like I’m still missing permissions somewhere
I got a “contact your manager” type response when I tried to open the page with /desk#Tree/BOM

frustrating… I’m the only person. lol

Try to open your_site_name/desk#List/Role and check Manufacturing User/Manufacturing Manager roles they should be Enabled

yes, it’s all enabled

The “if owner” boxes are checked. is that correct?

I don’t know on my site it is not a problem… I checked added “If owner” and then I was able to create BOM… check that your user has these roles “Manufacturing User/Manager” and then reload page(clear cache) and try again

Hahahaha! I got this: You do not have enough permissions to access this resource. Please contact your manager to get access.

when have you received it? after changing roles? or you cannot chage user’s roles?

just now.
I am under User (I am the only user), click my name, and I have these: Blogger CompanyOccasional Stuff EmployeeEMP/0001

I went to add document type to add BOM and it said I have to contact the manger

So as I understood you are using erpnext host version? Do you have access to your_site_name/desk#Form/User/ page? if yes could you check here Roles section?

Lets find out… :slight_smile:

OMG. 8 hours of frustration to find the 3 boxes I needed were not checked.

You are welcome :wink:

hello sir, can you help me? :disappointed_relieved: