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Managing primary contact and address within Supplier

Hi together,
is there a specific reason, why there is no “PRIMARY ADDRESS AND CONTACT DETAIL” section within the Supplier-DocType as it is within Customer-DocType? I am wondering if I have missed sth.

Within Customer that section looks as in the following screenshot:

I am aware of the existing “update issue”, as also mentioned within Refresh button vs. re-selecting reference items but I guess this is not the reason for that.

The address and contact is available once you save the supplier , cant think of a logical reason why this is such.

His concern is related to the Primary Section available in Customer, checkout both the sections in Customer Master in the screenshot below:

Yes saw that , still not sure of the logical explanation of it being like that.

Thansk both of you!
Thats exactly my point - right now it feels like a bit inconsistent. The “Address and contacts” as shown within @msalim79 screenshot is in addition to the “PRIMARY ADDRESS AND CONTACT DETAIL” available within Customer. And in my opinion it is a good idea to have both sections available.

For sure, within a contact you could check “Is Primary Contact”, but you can have several “primary contacts”. With the unique entry within a “primary address and contact detail” section, it would be very clear, what is really the primary contact info…

Within the “Address and contacts” section that would look for example like that:

So what I am looking for is some kind of explanation, if this is by design and not just missed. If it would be missed, for sure I will open a github issue and contribute the relevant part…

At some point, though I’m not sure exactly when, contacts and addresses became independent doctypes to facilitate a many-to-one relationship with parents (one customer/supplier can have multiple contacts and addresses). That’s a good thing, in principle, but the implementation hasn’t really kept up. It’s possible that there’s a deeper reason than that, but I suspect not. It’s definitely due for a refactor!

Hm, thats possible.

Let’s see, if maybe someone else can remember, if there is a reason for that.

@Patrick.St I think this was to help quickly make primary customer address and contact via the Quick Entry popup. It’s also used in Customer search. (not sure either i just dug around)
Anyway here’s a PR to make it consistent with Supplier.