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Making Changes in Payroll


Once all Salary Slips are created, you can use View Salary Slips to verify if they are created correctly or edit it if you want to deduct Leave Without Pay (LWP).

After checking, you can “Submit” them all together by clicking on “Submit Salary Slip”

Why does the Documentation say this when it is not so? The Salary Slips cannot be edited after the Salary Structure is submitted and this is a big issue for organizations with a large workforce and varying salary components

Additional Salary can be used as a sort of workaround but still too tedious when you’re dealing with hundreds or even just 10s of employees. It would make sense to most Payroll Managers to be able to edit the Salary Slips within the ‘Salary Register’ report view while they’re still in Draft. This way, it’s almost like working with a spreadsheet… you can immediately see that the figures are adding up as expected and then you Submit them using the Payroll Entry when everything’s okay

This flexibility is very important for a normal User Experience. Practically every Payroll Manager I’ve encountered are dismayed at how rigid ERPNext is when it comes to making changes in the Payroll



Probably what it takes is initiative Do you also think the documentations are not well written?


Hi @clarkej

As highlighted in my post, the issue is more with the functionality than with the documentation




Kindly find my answers below:

Well you can edit salary slips when they are in draft, hence, the documentation mentioned it. Screenshot attached below with an example. I could change the value in LWP in the salary slip that I generated via payroll entry.

But this is not a good practice, ideally you wouldn’t want to make changes once you generate payroll.

Do you have a specific query that you need help with? Will be happy to help.



Hi @Reema_Mehta

Thanks for your insightful answer. Our major concern however is explained in my post. How do you make adjustments in employees’ salaries without creating hundreds of new Salary Structures, Salary Assignments, or Additional Salaries every month?




Got your point, currently this is not possible. You will have to create new salary structures in case of increments and reassign them. Use additional salary for variable pay.

Yes, it is tedious process when you have large no. of employees.



As I mentioned in my original post, this flexibility is very important for a normal user experience and it needs to be addressed