Linking html site of my meeting-app with the Websitegenerator doesn´t work

Hello everyone,

i made the developer tutorial with the meeting-app and i got a problem with the routing to the webpage of my testmeetings.

This is the link to the tutorial: only min 0:55 to 5:35 is relevant

Session 10: Web Views

This ist the source code from the youtube video:

and this is mine:

Here you can see, that I have the source code in principle 1 to 1 as in the video. Except that I have commented out a few lines. Also you can see, that I created a meeting.html in the directory /templates/generators like in the tutorial.

here are the important lines of my file

I have a checkbox for Show in Website, and I created the to fields page_name and parent_website_route

these are the settings for the field page_name


these are the settings for the field parent_website_route

the show in website checkbox is activated

but every time I click on “See on Website”, I got the error message:

The page you are looking for is missing. This could be because it is moved or there is a typo in the link.

in the forum post the same problem is described. It says it would work if the “parent_website route” field is renamed to “route”

I renamed the field parent_website_route to route and then, when I click on “See on Website”, the browser opens the meeting.html, which is automatically created in the folder “www” when the app is created and not the Webpage for “Meeting 1”

Question 1: can anyone help me? :smiley: and
Question2: what did AliMJawad mean, with

create route Field (((( with website-packages)))) ?

best regards