Link Purchase Order to Project

I tried to add Purchase order form project page but after submitted the BO its not linked to the project , it’s a bug or there other way to link it



Thanks for updating. It’s probably because Project field is in the Purchase Order Item table, Project Name is not updated. We will soon validate it and get back to you.

@rohit_w can you please validate it?

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I have run into the same issue. If I create a Quote or Sales Order, the Project field carries over and I can create material requests and PO’s from the Sales order page and the forms will all be linked to the project. But if I create a new material order or PO from the Project form or directly, it is not linked to that project. The Material Request Item and Purchase Order Item has a blank Project field. My work around is to manually change the Project field on one item, and it will then link the entire doc to the project. I hope this info helps.

Edit: Material Request Item has the Project field “Read Only” and can not be turned off, this prevents the workaround from working and completely unable to link to a project.

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Any update


Currently system not linked the value if field is available in the chile table. As Umair said the project field is on the form Purchase Order Item which is a child table and therefore it’s not linked.

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did you manage to solve this issue? i see it’s two years back, but i do face it still , on version 12 !! any practical solution to apply to link the PO to a project ?? thanks to help

The most practical way right now is to create a custom field in the doctype for projects. That’s how I solved mine.

When Purchase Order is created from Sales Order in Drop ship scenario the child table for items has project on each line. Thus the custom field at Purchase Order doctype level could be different for the project for each item in same transaction.

Would seem correct way is to allow user to select project and/or sales order for each item as the fields are already there, but ERPNext does not allow making this selectable (no changes to standard fields allowed)

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