Let's encrypt ppa failed on ubuntu focal


sudo bench setup lets-encrypt myerp.mysite.com failed on ppa.

I’m still reading the source code to find a way to fix it but no luck.

After restart nginx by the above command, the nginx won’t restart with errors.

Please show the NGinx error logs, on Ubuntu they’re at /var/log/nginx/

Not with me. Setting a new one.

Basically I check. The opt/certbot_auto exit without cert created and nginx complaint /etc/securetty no permission.

Found https://github.com/vinyll/certbot-install

After the bench setup lets-encrypt error, install it and sudo ln -s it to /opt/cert-auto can continue.

Thinking to use this.

original github.com/certbot/certbot auto template mixture of python2 and python3 and no luck success after changing from python to python3.

snap install certbot ln -s to /opt/certbot-auto not working unless modify bench/configs/lets-encrypt.py to use certbot instead of /opt/certbot-auto

left https://github.com/vinyll/certbot-install which i can install and link to /opt/certbot-auto pre to bench setup lets-encrypt.

okay. 3rd one compiling has some warning.

my final resolution is

  1. sudo apt install snap
  2. sudo snap install certbot
  3. modify ~/.bench/bench/config/lets-encrypt.py

def get_certbot_path():
return “/opt/certbot-auto”


def get_certbot_path():
return “/snap/bin/certbot”

  1. inside ./bench
    ~/mybench/env/bin/pip install -q -U -e .
    sudo ~/mybench/env/bin/pip install -q -U -e .

and sudo bench setup lets-encrypt localhost succeed.