LDAP setup version 10+

Can any one give me the LDAP setup process for latest version v10+ ?


It is very OLD :frowning:

Whatever notes you post would be a welcome contribution, to update that page of course :slight_smile:

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If you are using the custom attributes, place those attribute.

LDAP Search String: uid={0}
LDAP First Name Field: cn
LDAP Email Field: mail
LDAP Username Field: uid

how can I find those? I was trying by active directory explorer software but did not find. could you mention any others?

Hi Saurabh,

after a bit of trial and error, I manage to get my LDAP server to connect and retrieve the login details for a user. However, several settings (such as employee last name, employee ID etc) are not been synced). Is there a way to achieve it?

Any guide or links regarding it will be very helpful.


Hi. I can setup my LDAP server but when I try to login with LDAP button, a “verifying” message appears but nothing happens. Maybe OU configuration?

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