Keyboard shortcuts

For entering transactions, we have to use the mouse a lot. Can some keyboard shortcuts be introduced so that entry becomes speedier. Can it be more of keyboard driven than mouse driven. Or, is it that the functionality is already present, but I am unable to perceive it? Can somebody guide me please?

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-I think, you can use “Tab” button which is available on “Keyboard” .
when you press every time “Tab” button ,cursor goes to next field.

-If table grid is available , then you can use "Ctrl+Up arrow or Down arrow key to jump previous and next row.


Ctrl + S will save

If you have any other suggestion, please post.


CMD + P for Print
CMD + Z for Undo
CMD + E for Submit


Once we save a document with Ctrl-S, we should be able to open a new Document with Ctrl-N.
Presently, we need to add rows in the child tables by click on the + with the mouse. Instead, we should be able to add a row in the child tables by Ctrl-A, which will speed up entries.

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I back Ctrl + N for new doc.


Perhaps add the requestes shortcuts for print, undo and submit


just gathering all existing shortcuts posted by others in this topic into one list here:

  • ctrl + P for Print
  • ctrl + Z for Undo
  • ctrl + E for Submit
  • ctrl + S will save
  • "Tab" button > cursor goes to next field
  • If table grid is available, “Ctrl+Up arrow” (or Down arrow) key to jump previous and next/previous row

Wishlist for shortcuts

  • CMD/CTRL+left arrow ← (right arrow →) for going forward/backward through entries when in the form view
  • Ctrl + N for a new Document
  • Ctrl + A for adding a row in the child tables

Useful feature indeed. I assume combinations will work with Ctrl on Linux/Windows/etc. while with CMD on OS X.

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AFAIK some shortcuts are unpractical as they are intercepted by the browser, e.g. Ctrl - P, even Ctrl - E on chrome also is used.

Core Devs, can you point to where we can find the code for shortcuts? Perhaps we can contribute.

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Check out the GitHub link, it goes straight to the issue (feature request) Now, the specific file… we can try to look for it in the code ourselves.

As a side note, I found CopyQ (Linux/Mac/Windows) and another utility for Mac called ClipMenu. Both of these are clipboard managers, and they help a lot when entering some repetitive data in groups of forms.

Depending on the browser you use, you can disable browser specific shortcuts. With chrome:

Disable shortcuts in Chrome

How to disable shortcuts in Chrome

For other browsers, may the links above serve as inspiration…

This still does not solve the adding shortcuts problem! I will spare time from my ERPNext obsession to search for the stuff on GitHub.

I know this topic is OLD! However it is the right topic to add another shortcut to the wishlist:

CTR+U: The equivalent of pressing the Edit Button in DocType Note

Allows for faster editing cycles. User types, presses CTRL+S and then CTRL+U in rapid succesion and can save quickly. Since saving removes from view the editable field, pressing CTRL+U (similar to Excel, I know, but it is familiar) will quickly return the user to the editable field.

CTRL + D to duplicate record


How about the ability to set your own. I could really use one for New Todo.