Keep showing Not Saved, cannot Submit

After upgraded to latest v10 just now…all documents keep showing not saved if modified and saved…cannot be submitted. But actually the docs are saved, but the status still Not Saved hence all docs cannot be submitted


Please create a

Same issue. Updated the issue post to reflect this.

Thanks for posting the issue

@jof2jc Do you have the same issue as posted below? POS is unusable after the update also :weary:

Pushed a fix

Will release soon.

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Thanks @nabinhait

thanks @nabinhait is it not on master yet?

It has been released to master via

i’m still facing the issues…the status doesn’t change to ‘Not Saved’ if we change some fields entries unless child tables…after saving, it’s still ‘not saved’…can you verify that?


I also updated my production environment following the release and I’m still facing the same issue… :slightly_frowning_face: