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Js Script Doctype Triggers

Okay so there are form event based triggers like refresh, onload and then there are field based triggers. I’ll cite my query in detail below:

I have two doctypes, Lets call them DocA and DocB.

  1. There are three fields on DocA: (FieldA, FieldB, FieldC)
  2. There are two fields on DocB: (FieldA. FieldB)

Now I have a script running for DocB:

  1. Trigger is FieldA in DocB ( fielda:function(frm))
  2. When this script runs it changes the value of FieldA in DocA

I have another script, for DocA:

  1. Trigger is FieldA in DocA

Now for the script for DocA to be executed (since its a field based trigger), will the trigger for DocB cause a chain execution (it is changing the value for a field in another document which in itself is a trigger) OR would I have to open DocA for the script to run and execute (I think this wouldn’t be the case because this would be a simple refresh trigger).

Any help is appreciated.