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Issue with Calendar Events

Hello, I’ve an issue with Event is calendar view. In gantt view, events are displaying perfectly:

But the same Event in Calendar View doesn’t recognize the title, dates…

I’ve not customized the core event doctype… This is the contents of event_calendar.js. Any Idea?
I’ve tried some commands with no results: bench migrate, bench build…

   frappe.views.calendar["Event"] = {
	field_map: {
		"start": "starts_on",
		"end": "ends_on",
		"id": "name",
		"allDay": "all_day",
		"title": "subject",
		"status": "event_type",
		"color": "color"
	style_map: {
		"Public": "success",
		"Private": "info"
	get_events_method: "frappe.desk.doctype.event.event.get_events"