Issue in Leave Management System

the employee status is left and also relieving date is mentioned still it is calculating the earned leave Is there any other setting that is to be done to stop the calculation of earned leave?

Hi @michelle please help to resolve/understand this issue. Actually I created the leave a policy, assigned this policy to employees then created a leave period and granted leaves to employees using “Grant leave” option. Leaves allocated successfully but when employee creates new leave application there is this issue with “Total Allocated Leaves” count on his leave dashboard, its showing sum of all the leaves form leave allocation list for each type.

Total Allocate leaves (sick) to each employee : 10

Screen shots are attached.


Check if you have set Sick Leave as a carry forward leave? Total is calculated as Expired + Available leaves… Seems like 19 leaves have been expired because they were carry forwarded and have no expired.

Could you share a screenshot of “Sick Leave”? Go to Leave Type > Sick Leave, send a screenshot

Please find attached screen shots for "Sick Leave


Hi @michelle any update on the issue ?

From the screenshot, it seems that Sick Leave was not set as carry forward leave. Could you check the Leave allocation list and see how many Sick Leaves are allocated to the Employee, not just for this leave period but from the previous as well?

Also is this issue only for one employee or for all the employees?

The issue is with all the employees, I think its adding the all the sick leaves from leave allocation and shows the sum value in total allocated leaves for all employees while creating leave application. and same is the case with other leaves as well when I add new allocation against that leave it adds them to total allocated for that leave type.

I am allocating 10 sick leaves to each employees, but for one employee its allocating 9 please ignore that cuz its as per his joining date.

I also unchecked the option “Add unused leaves from previous allocations” while allocating and i have only one leave period right now against which i am granting/allocating theses leaves.

Hi @michelle

Please advise on this confusion, lets assume if I’m allocating 10 “Casual Leave” for leave period 1st Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 but employee haven’t availed any of available leave. So for current month (December) his available leaves should be 10 right ? or Is system dividing the total leaves on number of months for that leave period.

@Muhammad_Ashraf Suppose the leave period is Jan 1st to 31st Dec, so total leaves is 10. Now you have not taken any leaves, and wish to take leave on 30th and 31st December. You plan on applying for leave on 25th December. Now, even though you have 10 leaves, from 25th December, you can actually only take 6 leaves (since on 31st, your leaves expire). So, the system will check the date of posting and the end of the leave period to calculate remaining available leaves.

Hope this helps.

@michelle Thank you very much, it resolved my issue and helped in understanding.

One thing I’m facing now is the with the count of ‘Total Allocated Leaves’

Here is the flow of that:

When I granted leaves to only one employee as per policy there are 15 annual, 5 casual and 10 sick leaves. So when I go to leave application for that employee it shows all good as per policy.

leave allocation:

leave application:

After that I granted the same leaves to 2nd employee.

so when I go to leave application now in the leave summary the ‘Total Allocated leaves’ is changed. Its adding leaves for both employees. and its keep incrementing on each leave allocation for next employees.

Am I missing something or its normal ? Leave types and policy is created, leave period is defined and none of the mentioned leave is carry forward. Your support will be much appreciated.


Hi @michelle

Need your advise on this, please.


How did you allocate leaves? Did you manually allocate them? Also how is the allocation done? Is it based on Leave Period? Let me know these details as well as the version you are using so that I can check this. @Muhammad_Ashraf


Thanks @michelle, yes the leaves allocated are based on leave period and allocated them using the “Grant leave” option. The version details are:

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v12.11.2 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.9.1 (version-12)

Hi @Muhammad_Ashraf is grant leave issue resolved? If yes, request you to advise how did you do so?

Hi @harishalwar I had just updated the erpnext to next stable version and issues was fixed.

@Muhammad_Ashraf which version did you install? I am using docker image.

@harishalwar no I’m not using docker image, I updated to ERPNext: v12.17.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.14.0 (version-12) and it fixed my problem.