Introduction and Want to discuss ERPNext in the UK?


I’m Ed Beckmann, and I’m looking at ERPNext to replace SugarCRM and Odoo (community version).

As a specialist on SME’s and a trainer I’m looking to see how ERPNext would help my service-based business. Then I would be very keen to expand the resources for new users and grow the user base of SMEs, especially in the UK.

Would very much like to get in touch with anyone in the UK, or who has similar aims.

Thanks for reading.

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@ed_beckmann Welcome to the forum! Pinning this for a couple of days.

Hi Ed

We are also in process of switching over to ERP Next from our current ERP system. Our initial plan is to migrate our internal IT West Ltd systems over. Following this we are planning on including it in our portfolio of products and services we offer our customers. It would be nice to catch up to understand how we may be able to collaborate.