Interactive communication in slack/matrix etc

Is there a way where we can interact from slack to erpnext instead of using it only for notifications.
One Use case we are looking at is posting comments to Issue Doctype or Todo Doctype via slack.
This is especially useful for field team who are unable to login and update, and hence posting updates or replies in slack helps for the same.
Do share if anyone else is using slack apart from just incoming notifications.

Zendesk for e.g has it as below :

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You can configure Slack Notifications

Thanks @rmehta. We are using slack for notifications already. We wanted to use it further for updates to issues or todos. One of scenario we are looking at is:
When we assign an issue to a team member a notification is currently sent in slack. When the field team want to respond if they can reply back to the notification message, can a comment be updated in the todo is what we wanted to check. This behaviour kind of works now for email as of now.
When we assign an issue to a person a notification mail is sent to via email and when we reply to the email a comment is updated in the issue.

I do see an issue wrt linking slack users to erpnext users and based on which comments can be updated.
In case of email as its the same email id with which user is registered its straightforward and works fine.

Do share your thoughts