Integrate with Google Drive

Hello here is i try to make a Google Backup on google Drive
I follow this document
i successfully do it but when I try to take back Up

It tell Me " Queued for backup. It may take a few minutes to an hour "
but nothing Is backup In Google Drive Folder
So WHAT`S THE problem Here ?

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same things happen with me also…

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I may be wrong but I remember having a conversation about this with another developer several weeks ago and they indicated that this kind of problem might be related to either the scheduler not being turned on or the scheduler not having permissions necessary to move the file off of the server (to external destination like GoogleDrive).

Again, this was just a passing conversation that may not be relevant to your problem and I may not be remembering it completely, but it can’t hurt to look into it as a possibility.

Hope this helps…


or the scheduler not having permissions necessary to move the file off of the server ->
How can i know if the scheduler Get the Right permissions ?!

Not sure. This was something that were were casually chatting about and comparing notes on other but related topics.

The problem had been noticed on CentOS servers where files were trying to be moved across the internet to another server. This is normally done with a common utility called “scp” and requires there to be secret keys traded between servers and set in config files so they can cooperate with the file move across the internet.

We had noticed that even thought the secret keys were correctly in place (and the transfer would work when done manually from a ssh console) the OS would not allow the file to move when there was not an active login via ssh. In other words, it could not happen automatically via a scheduler. The error logs kept hinting that there was a permission problem with regard to the process being allowed to use the secret keys.

We abandoned the CentOS platform and moved to Ubuntu and the problem went away. Since all of the servers are cloud VPS it really didn’t matter to me what the OS was as long as I got the result I needed.

Again, this was just casual conversation from quite some time ago and I thought I would at least pass along some places to start looking. This may or may not apply to your situation.

I hope you find your own solution.


Hi, where you able to find a solution, i am having the exact same issue

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Hello Guys,
I was facing the same issue, followed all the steps in Documentation but skipped one important step to enable Google Drive API from API library.

On enabling Google Drive API, the backup works well.

Hi , can you support us by posting video screen for all your steps from a-z
thanks in advanced

For example try a search like this

“The Google Drive API allows clients to access resources from Google Drive.”

Try to set the scheduler on.
bench enable-scheduler

Dear Can you help me with video because i am facing issue at Authorized Redirect URL.

Hi AlinYellow,
I had the same problem but i resolved it through the following steps.

  1. Please goto “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites”
  2. Open “current site.txt” and check the site name, default site was “site1.local”
  3. change the “site1.local” with your domain name, save the document
  4. Now click take backup. It should Work.

hi guys,

Am facing an error with thegoogle drive or dropbox setups.
my site is accessed via port 80 and when i try to set the google drive am getting this error…

The redirect URI in the request,, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit:

I beleive this has everything to do with port 8000 but am using port 80. I can’t access my site via port 8000. kindly help how do i solve this.