Installing ERP open source

Hello, I am trying to find an open source/low cost ERP system for inventory management and sales invoicing for a small company. I looked at ERPnext, however I am not able to understand how it needs to be installed. Never used Ubuntu. Kindly help.


The easiest way is this:

Simply install VirtualBox, the load the VBox Image and run it. This works on any OS. Mind the documentation gap: the initial login account is Administrator and PW frappe (no longer admin).

Have fun!


The other option might be to use the steps in the link below to setup the latest cloud version. The post is a long read but the steps are simple enough.

[Tutorial] Step by Step Primer to setup ERPNext on Google Cloud Platform

Hope it helps.



As from the last VM .ova
the password is the original:

As far as I know.

Hello, Thank you for this :slight_smile: