Install custom app from GitHub

Hi There,
i install erpnext app and custom it and upload my custom app to github .

Now how i can install my custom app form github beside my erpnext.

Thank You :slight_smile:

@iFeras93: you will use bench capabilities to accomplish it. Namely, there are two commands to execute, to get it done:

  • bench get-app [repo-link] - Downloads an app from a git repository and installs it
  • bench install-app [app-name] Installs existing app

You may want to refer to the quick cheat sheet on frappe bench commands per for the overview of bench commands.

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I have ran bench get-app [app-name] [github-linke] and went successfully.
but when I run bench --site [site-name] install-app [app-name] it says:
could note find app β€œ[app-name]”
in app folder the pp-name is in it.

Make sure that your app name doesn’t contain spaces, If so replace the space in the command with " _ "

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The above cheatsheet link is broken. You can find the bench commands cheat sheet at