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Incorrect Valuation Rate in Stock Ledger and Repost Item Valuation not working for back dated cancelation [Release v13.0.0]

When any back dated stock transaction is cancelled then repost item valuation get stuck in Queued and stock ledger is not getting updated. I have tested this on latest [Release v13.0.0].

Later if we post any new transaction for the same item in current date then the item valuation gets updated only for the new transaction and stock balance value get corrected however, all the previous transactions which were recorded prior to current transaction still show wrong calculation in stock ledger.

Moreover the valuation rate is not calculating correctly. Please see in below picture

As visible in above ledger the incoming rate is always 2800 however after some back dated cancelations the repost functionality has calculated wrong valuation rate.

Wondering if anyone got the same problem

Looking for possible solutions

It seems also the balance value suddenly jumps after purchase of 5 kg.

We faced similar issue - but in our case - the item quantities went completely off after the initial attempts. We are on FIFO. We followed these steps to resolve - unsure if/why needed - and not clear why they worked.

Check if there are subsequent stock reconciliations - cancel them. Cancel/delete any pending repost item valuations and attempt them again. Start with the earliest first where you notice an error and then move forward in time with each step. Depending on size of ledger repost item valuation can take time.

Sorry cannot help you more - but would be interesting for the community to learn how you resolve this issue…

We managed to correct the stock ledger and valuation rate once- not sure how but after so many trials and errors. However later on there was one back dated purchase receipt posted and again the stock ledger went crazy!!!

Very confused with this calculation!!!