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How to see a list of items with their full costs (Including Subcontract, etc)


I need to see a list of items with their full costs. The calculation should have all of Raw material costs (All levels of the BOM) and subcontracting costs.

It’s a basic feature, I assume I’m not looking for it right. Please help me.



In the BOM, if you update the cost for all the raw-material and sub-contract items, the total costing for the finished BOM shall give you a required data.

Check for Update Cost option in the BOM and ensure that cost fetched for the items in the BOM is latest as per valuation or purchase cost.


Hi @umair , Thanks for your quick response. Only shows the raw material costs of the last BOM level, not the sum of everything. Even when I have just one level of BOM the BOM doesn’t consider the subcontracting costs. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but this is the behavior I see.


For the BOM of Finished Product, are you referring to the Labor cost as Sub Contracting Cost?
If you want to keep a record of the Labor costs at the BOM level, you will have to define the Labor cost as Operating Cost by selecting the Flag ‘With Operations’ on BOM and entering Operations on the Operations Table under BOM.
However, this will only keep a record of the Labor costs.
In ERPNext, when you Sub-Contract an item for Labor/Job Work, you define the Raw Materials and Operation on the BOM and select the flag ‘Supply Raw Materials for Purchase’ at the Item level for Finished/Processed Product. When you create a Purchase Order for the Sub-Contract, you enter the Finished Product in the Item Table and on saving the system fetches the Raw Materials required based on BOM defined at the Item level and enter only the Item rate for Labor/Job-work excluding cost of Raw Material on this PO as you are supplying the Raw Material to Sub-Contractor. Once you receive this item via a Purchase Receipt, ERPNext adds the valuation of Raw Materials to the Valuation of Finished Product in your Warehouse. This item is then Delivered to your customer and the Cost Price of this product is considered as the valuation rate of Finished Product in your warehouse (Labor + Raw Material)
Hope this helps.