How to round on 0.05?

Hi there!

In Swiss Francs the lowest coin is a 5 cent piece. So a price like CHF 20.95 is normal.

If I have rounded price activated ERPNext shows 21.00 as rounded result. It should say 20.95 though.
How do I tell ERPNext to round like that?

I can not just turn rounding of, because I need rounding when giving rabatt:
20.95 - 10% = 18.86
Rounded should show 18.85

Is there a way to do that?

@frehu01 in System Settings you can disable the rounding!

:smile: @max_morais_dmm please read again:

There is no way to pay 18.86 in Swiss Frances. I need to round it to 18.85!

@frehu01 This is not implemented yet. Please post an issue on GitHub

This threat can be closed. It’s fixed.