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How to retrieve full list of fields for Employee using Rest Api

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to call Rest Api to retrieve Employee Information using employee id “HR-EMP-00073” by using the url
and I am getting a list of fields from Employee information but it is missing some fields for example in my case I want to retrieve Employee Id and Attednance_device_id so that I may push those values to another database for synchronization.

Can anyone here guide me how to retrieve the desired information? I shall be grateful.


Just for the update that I was able to retrieve selected fields from Employee using ?fields condition.

But there is another issue. If I browser the Employee doctype in my Bench, there is a list of 68 employees but when I access the list of employees using rest api I get only 20 employees.

Is there any default limit of records to Get?
How can I get the full list of employees using Get request in Rest Api?

Kind Regards,