How to remove Desktop Shortcuts in the latest version

Hi In the latest version of ERPNEXT how to remove the desktop shortcut which we are adding through front end.

Go to user menu > My Settings and click on Set Desktop Icons

This feature is definitely very helpful. Thanks a lot for the update.
I can remove and add all icons but the “Learn” icon is not listed, so I cannot remove it?

Yes, Really this feature is very helpful. Thanks for your reply @anand.

Hi! I found that icons that I added from the “Menu --> Add To Desktop” function don’t appear in the user settings for Modules Access.

Instead I found that I could get to the correct list by typing “Desktop Icon List” in the superbar / search bar. I could then select and delete the icons I that I didn’t want on my desktop after all.

This is for ERPNext self-hosted v6.27 but may apply to other versions.

How do i completely remove the app? This way just hide the app, but still show in my settings right?