How to Push Custom app to Github?

Hello ,
I have a privet repo on github , and i am making custom app using Frappe
my problem is :
when i try to add the project to the repo ,frappe folder not uploaded and other files ,
what is the best practice to upload custom app to github ?

my goals are to
-install the system on serve using github cloning
-save changes by commuting and push commands


Each app is a separate repo.

Apps can be installed via the bench using

bench get-app app-name git-url

Hello @rmehta,

I am also looking for the same. How to push customized app to git to use it in other server or instance ?

Hardik Gadesha

git commit to commit your works
git push upstream master to upload it to your remote repo (

Please see this
it’s good start to see how frappe apps work

@Hardik_Gadesha: in addition to suggestions of @jof2jc, I would like to point you to the manual on best practices developing applications with the repos on github:

In particular, it explains how to do submit contributions to Frappe and ERP Next codebases themselves.