How to display Warehouse wise reports like General Ledger, etc

A company having three warehouses each warehouses have their own manager i want to show only general ledger of specific warehouse to the manager. Now it’s showing the overall warehouses details.

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Specific user-wise/manager-wise warehouse show for applying for User Permission.
User permissions are a way of restricting user access to particular documents.

More details for check it: Users And Permissions

And warehouse-wise report for check Stock Ledger report.

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stock ledger is fine, I want to show the General Ledger warehouse wise. is that possible?


General Ledger report for accounting not for stock level.

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okay, so how i can view warehouse wise general ledger can you guide me. also tell me the name of table in mariadb which represent general ledger.

I don’t think it is possible because of

General Ledger is a detailed report for all transactions posted to each account and for every transaction, there is a Credit and Debit account so it lists them all up.
General Ledger report is based on the table GL Entry and can be filtered by many pre-defined filters like Account, Cost Centers, Party, Project and Period, etc. It’s warehouse-wise does not show.

A Stock Ledger Report is a detailed record that keeps track of stock movements for a company. Inward or outward transactions related to Manufacturing, Purchasing, Selling, and Stock Transfers are recorded in the Stock Ledger which then is reflected in the Stock Ledger Report. It reflects the quantity and value of stock issued, received, or transferred along with the stock item and its warehouse details.

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If possible then the forum user will help you.

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The general ledger is typically generated from GL entry with inputs from some other tables. You can usually find source code very easily in repos.

The stock ledger contains all the same info that the General ledger would if it were only filtered by warehouse accounts. So I don’t see much point in sharing general ledger restricted to the warehouse.

ref: erpnext/ at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub