How to customize the time sheet table

Hi there,

I would like to add another column to the time sheet table. I need a column where our employees can enter a quick note in every row. Right now I can only add notes below the table.

I know I can customize the time sheet form but how can I work on the table in the time sheet?

Any help would be very much appreciate.


Hi @Carolin, you need to add the field into the Timesheet Detail table through customize form to have the note field in every row as shown below,

Thanks Shreya. I added the row and placed it like you in the picture. It still doesn’t show in the table though. Is it enough to just create a row or do I need to create a custom field and add it somehow?


Can you send a screenshot of your Timesheet form and Customize Form for the Timesheet Detail table?
Also, you did expand the table, right?

@shreya115 I uploaded the time sheet detail with the row I added (row 6)

@shreya115 here is the custom form “timesheet”

@shreya115 here is the timesheet how I see it

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You need to expand the table like this to see the other fields,

@shreya115 Got it!! Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate that! :heart_eyes:

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