How to add hotels module

Hello good people
Is it possible to add hotels module on version-12
I’ve tried bench --site site_name install-apps hotels but getting error hotels not found

Hi my guess is no need to install-app, that module is present in the base v12 product?

For example a check of the v12 demo here you will find these hotel related doctypes

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Thank you for your response. I looked into what said and yes indeed files that describe the doc types are there but I can’t seem to be able to add new records once I open one of the hotel doctypes

You get no message or error traceback response?

Maybe first you need to specify values in Hotel Settings?

Here are docs it seems:

and other pointer examples

You can Activated from Domain settings:

Keep in MInd that both Hotels and Agriculture are still WIP modules!

We hope to have our more dev assets soon to finish developing these modules. (I use Elon Musk timeframes by the way) :rofl:

:sweat_smile: we’re in for a long wait then. I’m hoping to contribute the best I can