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How to add hospitality modules to V10


I need to add hotels module to version 10. Please let me know how to do that?

I have search a lot. But I couldn’t find.


There is no hotel module in ERPNext. Check Domain settings and choose hospitality. All you will get is restaurant module. Tables, order etc.


Hostipality is available on stage branch.


how can I enable that?


Any one have better idea?


Actually hospitality is on beta version, you can hospitality on stage branch, to do that

you need to switch the git branch from production to development
Update according to requirements.
Switch to stage branch and pull hospitality module

NB: it’s in beta phase.


all I’ve heard v11 should be released soon, so if you are not super urgent I’d just wait a bit until v11 is being released and spare the trouble of switching to staging & back to master after the release.


I now can activate the Hospitality domain in ERPnext v11. Now the Restaurant and Hotels module are available. Good work!