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How to add filter in query report

ow to add

as below screenshot my query add filter ig from_date to to_date filter and brand filter is applied on quer report so how possibal pls help…

tabSales Invoice Item.item_code AS ‘Item:Link/Item:120’,
tabSales Invoice Item.item_name as “Item Name::120”,
tabSales Invoice Item.brand as “Brand::120”,
tabSales Invoice Item.base_rate as “Total Sale::120”,
tabBin.actual_qty as “Actual Qty::120”,
sum(ordered_qty) as “Order Qty::120”,
tabBin.actual_qty + sum(ordered_qty) as “Total ::120”

INNER JOIN `tabSales Invoice Item` 
ON tabBin.item_code=`tabSales Invoice Item`.item_code
group by tabBin.item_code

how to add filter from_date to to_date filter in report