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How to add expiry date of product on Sales invoice?

How to add expiry date of product on Sales invoice?

We are also looking for answer for the same issue please let us know. We have figured out how to add batch no. but unable to get batch number and expiry date for a particular batch.

First of all you have to enable the batch number and expiry date at the item master level.

when you do Purchase Reciept at that time it will prevent to submit without Batch and Expiry

also it will ask batch no at sales delivery time.

hope this will cleared doubt.

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Thank you Suresh. Let me try your suggestion and get back.

Suresh we are trying to print expiry date and manufacture date on the sale invoice, we are able to get the batch number in the invoice but not able to get expiry and manufacture.

hope this will help you.

Did you find the solution, if yes please let me know.

hi Suresh

it is possible to print the Batch Expiry Date on the Purchase receipt Print currently batch no print
any solution or idea

Hope, this will help!!!