How do you access Bench Manager after installing?

I’ve installed a fresh copy of ERPNext on Ubuntu. I normally get to the site by going to localhost:8000. I installed the Bench Manager for the first time today to see how it works and it is installed to the bench-manager.local site. I’ve tried accessing it by going to bench-manager.local:8000 (and 8001), but the site is not available. How do you access Bench Manager?

It’s on port 8080 on my setup, If possible , look at /etc/nginx/conf.d/frappe-bench.conf , you can see the server blocks. You could also try: bench setup nginx , it might report the port bindings. Or try bench set-nginx-port [sitename] [port] to set the port manually, restarting nginx after running it might be necessary.

Ok it says that the port for bench-manager.local is 8001 when doing bench setup nginx. So is it correct to go to bench-manager.local:8001? Or should I be accessing it a different way? Also, my other site (site1.local) is not accessed by that name, but localhost. Why is that?

In a browser , try: localhost:8001 in the address bar. Your Ubuntu install is not a VM? If it is you have to configre the port mappings.

localhost:8001 did not work, which seems strange since that is the port for bench-manager. I am running ubuntu through a VM, but haven’t configured ports in the past on this setup. Any tips on how to configure them correctly?

If you are using Virtualbox, the ports can be configured by clicking on Configuration, Network , Advanced. Try forwarding 8001 on the guest to 8001 on the host. If using a different virtualization platform or a VPS , consult the documentation for port forwarding.

Ok thank you. That actually worked for my main site, which is localhost:8000. I forwarded it to port 80 and I am able to access it. But the issue still remains for the other (localhost:8001 forwarded to 81). I get “The site can’t be reached.” Is there anything you have to do other than installing and forwarding the ports for Bench Manager?

It seems like you need to determine which port, if any Manaager is running on. In the VM console, what does: bench setup nginx return?

Port configuration list:
Site site1.local assigned port: 80
Site bench-manager.local assigned port 8001

Try sudo service nginx reload.

In the console: sudo apt install lynx, then lynx localhost:8001

lynx is a command line web browser. Using it will tell us if the site is indeed up on the VM or not. If it is , your port forward isn’t right.

This yields:
nginx: unrecognized service

Installed lynx and it did indeed fail at accessing localhost:8001. So I’m assuming this means that the bench-manager.local site is not actually a proper site?

The site might not be running or is misconfigured. You can try bench use bench-manager.local, which shouldn’t make a diffeence. Otherwise retrace your steps and make sure manager was installed to the site, I think I did it something like:

bench --site bench-manager.local install-app bench_manager
bench use bench-manager.local
bench setup manager