How can I trigger an email by creation (Submit) of Sales Invoice?

I am in the process of converting my system from ERPNext v10 to v13 and there are several things “missing” in v13 that were incredibly useful in v10.

One issue that I have is the new way POS works in v13. I absolutely must have constant and up-to-the-minute inventory information. This is not easily possible using the native POS application built into ERPNext. The native POS does not update the inventory ledger entries until the end of a shift.

To get around that I have switched to POS Awesome and I am very happy with the ability to create Sales Invoices live with each POS transaction again.

However, this leaves me without the ability to send an email during as part of the “submit” function to a POS transaction. In the native POS there was a button that allowed you to send an email and/or print the invoice. POS Awesome does not have this because it does not have the entire customer record readily available to it.

So, I can either petition the developer @youssef to create for me the ability to simultaneously print the invoice and send a PDF of it to the default email account listed for the customer, OR, I could try to find a way to trigger the email to be sent automatically when the sales invoice is created in the background.

I know that @youssef is quite a busy person, so I was going to try to find a way to use a trigger for this.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for thinking bout this…

BKM :nerd_face:

Hmm… :thinking:

I would have thought that someone else here would have already figured out how to automatically send an emailed copy of a Sales Invoice upon Submit.

Has anyone ever done this?


Hi @bkm,

Please check in Notification:

and select your print format.
When submit your invoice then send with selected print format

More details for check:

Thank You!

Thank you @NCP for the idea, but I cannot seem to find the “Notifications” area within my system.

Was this recently added to the production masters?

I am running ERPNext v13.11.1 and I do not see the notifications. I tried following the documentation link you included and it says the path is:

Home > Settings > Notifications

Honestly, I cannot find anything that looks even similar. That is why I ask if it is a new feature (after v13.11.1).


Hi @bkm,

URL Like:

another way to try to go to doctype then search notification then open it after that click button GO TO Notification.

Thank You!

While you were posting an alternate way to find it, I also found it through the “Email” card on the “Settings” page.

However, it appears that this particular function is missing from my system. Regardless of how I get there, The error is the same:

I took a screen shot of it and highlighted the fact that I was logged in as Administrator and exactly what link I clicked on to get here.

So, while the idea may still be a good fit for me, it appears that I have some core function missing in my install. I have been using and testing this for several months now and this is the first thing I have tripped over with such an alarming error.


Hi @bkm,

Which version use currently?

It’s may be something missing in version … … :thinking:
It’s a core feature of all version so please try to update your version.

Thank You!

I am using v13.11.1 and cannot do any version updates. Since there are so many version point updates that cause breaking changes, we settle on one version and lock it for 2 years.

If we did not do this we would be on a constant re-training schedule with over 100 users. That is just not possible for a small company. We would never get any business done because by the time we finish training our staff we would have to start re-training them again for the next point release.

I will search through the release notes to see if I can find anything about this and then possible implement just the patch required to fix this issue (if there is even any documentation on this issue at all).

Only people that are “experimenting” with ERPNext can afford to constantly update. Real businesses like ours that MUST actually use the application cannot afford that luxury. In order to move forward we have to lock down a version and get some real work done with whatever we have available to us.

It may also mean that I cannot get the automated email feature that I want for now.

Thank you for your help. I am sure the advice will be helpful to another user.