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How can I return parent doctype based on value of its child table in script report filter get_query?

I want to return warehouses in the warehouse filter which is under a particular branch but the branch field in a warehouse is under a child table “warehouse branch”. How can i use get_query in the js to return the warehouse based on the child table?

Parent Doctype is Warehouse and child Doctype is Warehouse Branch.

“fieldname”: “warehouse”,
“label”: __(“Warehouse”),
“fieldtype”: “Link”,
“width”: “80”,
“options”: “Warehouse”,
“get_query”: function(){
var branch = frappe.query_report.filters_by_name.cost_center.get_value();
// frappe.msgprint(branch)
return {“doctype”:“Warehouse Branch”, “filters”:{“branch”:branch}}

I want to return its parent doctype that is Warehouse not Warehouse Branch?


Can you share your code as to how you solved it? Thanks