Google Contacts Integration Duplicate Contacts

I’ve successfully created Google Integration for contacts.
When first time i click “Sync Contacts”, it imports all existing contacts from Google. Then after adding new contact to Google Contacts and again “Sync Contacts”, it creates duplicate of already imported contacts.

For example, I have Cristiano Ronaldo in my Google Contacts.
Then I Sync.
Now I’ve Cristiano Ronaldo in my ERPNext.
Then I add Lionel Messi to Google Contacts
Again I sync.
Now I have Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo-1 and Lionel Messi in my ERPNext.

I wish I could explain my problem.

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Hello guys. Any opinion about this issue?

I’m facing the same problem here. Syncing works but it duplicates contacts.

Same problem here… with the sync happening periodically, we are now up to 15 duplicate for each contact.
Plus, there is no “find and merge duplicates” functionality, so removing them is a painful manual process (it just can’t be done, it would be hundreds of contacts to remove)

Welcome to ERPNext and thanks for reporting this - please record that issue here

And upvote the issue too [Tutorial] How to upvote Github issues for non developers

Thank you, I created this issue on Github