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πŸ“ˆ πŸŽ‰ Frappe Charts


FrappΓ© Charts

We’re introducing Frappe Charts, a zero dependency library for you to create animated charts in at most 10 LOCs or less :smiley: Check them out at

We’d love to hear your feedback on this. Feel free to fork to contribute at



This is really awesome! please don’t forget the star the GitHub repo, lets get it trending on GitHub :slight_smile:


Cool I was working on the same thing few days ago.

Using Highcharts library


starred :wink:


Good and Nice @pratu16x7 please how can I link charts with doctypes using available customization in ERPNext (without effect when update ERPNext)


You can say that again! Starred already :slightly_smiling_face:

@pratu16x7 Great job! :+1:t3:





@johnskywalker Looks good as well! Maybe there should be (or is) a better overview on who’s working on what, so developers don’t work on the same thing at the same time.


Is there an example of this running in ERPNext?


I want to know the same thing.


Thanks for the awesome support everyone! We’re on the trending page for today :smiley:

@tmatteson @coldfire Sure! we’ve used them in query reports and other pages:

@dufani1 We do plan to expand their usage beyond those, the Company form page is the only one that has them yet :slight_smile:


Thanks! Probably a day for developers to publicly share what they are working on? :grin: #screenshotday


starred :star_struck:


Is this working in Erpnext? If yes, how can it be setup?


Hi @pratu16x7,
I see three types of links for graphical report/chart i.e.

  2. or 2017 conference video
  • What is the difference between them and which one to use in which situation?
  • Also out of the box, I don’t see following available 2)frappe.ui.Graph 3)frappe.ui.Chart


Will it be possible to include the charts in print templates/pdf?


Print report with charts will be cool.


We’ve updated the docs. Frappe Charts (as a Chart object) are the stand alone utility to make charts in ERPNext, so the same docs apply. Try them out and let us know how they work for you :slight_smile:

@lasalesi @vladucoju We’ll be working on these integrations post release v0.1.0 of Charts, please refer for the progress.


Maybe it would also be possible to use different kinds of charts in doctypes and in dashboards? :smiley:

This feature would really be helpful in timesheet, project, and other very data-driven doctypes and can be used to show trends in productivity, sales, etc from the dashboards themselves.

I was looking through the erpnext manual and docs to look for a way to do this and stumbled upon this thread.

Hope to see a manual or tutorial for erpnext + frappe charts soon!