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Folders not created for custom DocTypes

I have created a doctype inside the sales module, and I want to add the client side code. According to the manual for each doctype created via UI, I must have a structure of folders and files on disk, but in my case I do not see that this was created for the doctype that I indicated.
I am missing some step to create the folder and the files?
Thank you if anyone helps me.
Fernando Sánchez

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v9.x.x-develop (f76bc27) (develop)
Frappe Framework: v9.1.10 (master)

Hi, make sure you have developer_mode set in 1.

Completely sure

I think you must uncheck the “custom” field of the doctype.

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For guys stuck at Folders not created for custom DocTypes when following this tutorial

My situation: I used Binami launch pad on GCP.
I active Developer mode to 1
But doc type directory structure didn’t show up as tutorials assumed.
So I open GCP VM Console (login as admin of VM) and add this commands
sudo chown daemon:daemon -R /opt/bitnami/apps/erpnext/htdocs/frappe-bench
then I reset apache by run
sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache
Doctype directory structure shows up as expected.
Hope you guys can save time from this painful issue

Try this command

bench migrate && bench build && bench clear-cache