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Flat UI Theme for ERPNext v12

Hi @hashir… I’ve installed the theme, and, after first use, I’ve got some issues:

  1. The E logo is huge (I’ve changed in css, but I believe you have to create a option to whom doesn’t change the icon!)


  1. The status in lists is smaller than the other fonts. It seams that it aren’t on bluetheme.css, and is getting the config from desk.min.css

  1. The icons in the first page are strange… Seams the shadows are not in place. EDIT: you are pointing to the E logo, in bluetheme.css


For now, thats it.



For #3 have you try the steps explained in git readme?

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Nice :+1:

No… I just saw after… :blush:

One doubt: This theme changes also the system e-mail configs?





And… Do you know how to change this color?


I’m trying to change via frappe-web-br.css, but, after bench restart, its getting back to this collor…

Every thing looks good for icon
but E logo is so big
No Bold Font
how to fix this
I follow yours steps in get-hub read me


I have to uninstall the blue theme
its break erpnext update
bench update
and i have to do bench update --reset
to solve the problem
any way Thank for your effort