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Feature Request: Session Defaults persist between logins


As of now session defaults always reset after relogging in. There’s no way to set a default company for a user permanently except setting permission and restricting the user to that company. This restriction not only leads to some bugs (such as some reports not working, etc) but also restricts the user if the user may want to view reports in other companies. Permanent session defaults would help fix the above limitations.


Session Defaults was introduced so that users who have access to multiple companies or departments or locations can navigate smoothly between the multiple options. If you want to permanently setup, then user permissions is the best way to go ahead. Perhaps you can try ignoring permission of Company on specific documents/reports…this will not cause any user permission notifications even if user is restricted to 1 company.

is there any way to change the session defaults programatically ?

i.e. give a link or some sort of option in the dekstop or website to click on a company(a link ) and that company gets set as the default for that session.

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