Extra space when I use column break for 5 rows view

While inserting column break, till 4th column break it’s alignment is normal as expected but on using 5th, although its alignment is normal as expected but there is one extra space for field which shouldn’t be happening. What can be the reason ?

This is the screenshot

Could you share full screenshot

On using three column breaks:

When using the fourth one:

I thought there might be an issue in my local machine so I tried on erpnext trial and here also the same thing exists

Check if there is a column break at the end?
I had the same issue and had a column break right at the end.

No. checked via doctype list, customize and custom field too. This is happening in any doc where i’m trying for 5th row

This link might have something you could use.

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That was for List View and I’m talking about Form View

Any help ?

Since frappe use bootstrap, so it’s a normal behavior. Bootstrap grid has 12 columns. In ur case is 2-2-2-2-2-2, so u has extra spaces

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