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Export Role Permissions Manager settings




I’ve an app in my local setup where I’ve configured some permissions for different roles in the Role Permissions Manager. Is it possible to export it in a fixture (JSON) like format and apply these changes to the production site?
Since there are a lot of roles/permissions, I’m looking for a solution to export/import these permissions rather than manually creating and maintaining them on the server & development setup.



You can export the table Custom DocPerm


I’ve generated a fixture but all the records have "user_permission_doctypes": null and when I migrated this on the server I couldn’t see for which doctype the permissions are applied. Thus, effectively it didn’t help.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?



I have a hard time understanding this. What is the right way to export permissions from one site to another? I understand you can export fixtures on the table Custom DocPerm but how are these permissions connected to a doctype since there is no link between the permissions and doctypes?


Hi, i have de the same question.