ERPNext Textile/Clothing Customized Software/Application

Dear all, hope you’re having a good day. I was wondering if anyone could guide me on where to find a customized version of ERPNext that works with textile/clothing manufacturing or at least where to look for it.
I’ve heard a long time ago that one of ERPNext founders worked on a similar project but I don’t know if it’s true so if it is, can someone guide me to this person.
Also, if there’s anybody willing who’s had previous experience/know-how with the textile industry and willing to work on a project in the same field, please get in touch with me.
Thank you all.


i was once do in textile , but in my experice it would be very tricky for the UOM , since stock UOM in Roll but selling it in Yard or Meter.

the nightmare is one Roll is having different length

so we made a lot of adjsutment its just i dont think it would be applied to any textile business

but if you want to discuss or develop ERPNext furter you can message me


@r.anderson I remembered seeing one application long back on Github for your use case. I had to really dig this up for you. I am sure it will help you. It comes from a company which is located in the hub of the garment industry. Thanks to them for making it open source.

Thank you so much for your great efforts. I really appreciate it. You’re awesome. I’m checking out Apparelo as we speak.

I didn’t find any document to go with. Could you help me please

Unfortunately, there isn’t any documentation provided for this application as it’s still under development towards a stable version according to Apparelo team.

Hello from the Apparelo Team,

Sorry about not having the documentation. The app is stable and implemented in a few garment manufacturing companies in the cluster.

If you would like to know more about the app, please get in touch with us at

In the meantime, we will add some efforts over the documentation.


That would be great. We have some potential here in Bursa for garment manufacturing companies.


Is this for v11, v12 or V13 ?

We started developing it for V12 and do patches to support it for the develop branch or V13 as and when it comes.