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ERPNext Textile/Clothing Customized Software/Application

Dear all, hope you’re having a good day. I was wondering if anyone could guide me on where to find a customized version of ERPNext that works with textile/clothing manufacturing or at least where to look for it.
I’ve heard a long time ago that one of ERPNext founders worked on a similar project but I don’t know if it’s true so if it is, can someone guide me to this person.
Also, if there’s anybody willing who’s had previous experience/know-how with the textile industry and willing to work on a project in the same field, please get in touch with me.
Thank you all.


i was once do in textile , but in my experice it would be very tricky for the UOM , since stock UOM in Roll but selling it in Yard or Meter.

the nightmare is one Roll is having different length

so we made a lot of adjsutment its just i dont think it would be applied to any textile business

but if you want to discuss or develop ERPNext furter you can message me


@r.anderson I remembered seeing one application long back on Github for your use case. I had to really dig this up for you. I am sure it will help you. It comes from a company which is located in the hub of the garment industry. Thanks to them for making it open source.

Thank you so much for your great efforts. I really appreciate it. You’re awesome. I’m checking out Apparelo as we speak.

I didn’t find any document to go with. Could you help me please