Erpnext support stopped?

hello i am using erpnext in my company 12.1.8 version, but there are some serious bugs and this is a big problem for our company. since 1 months there is only 1 update and most of the bugs is still in the software and this affects the software is partly useless. it seems the software gets the fix very long time with this speed. me and i think most of people wants only bugless software, no new features. becouse the mentality is very good in erpnext. v10 and v11 is better than this version for bug comparision

what is the exact bug? discussion thread, github issue link?

if you are self hosting, you can buy paid support for bug fixing?

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Good luck with finding bugless software. There was a post a few days ago here were people were saying how they experienced issues even with multi-million deployments like SAP.


It would be appropriate if you can list down the issue’s you’re facing and possible fix for those bugs.

This helps the developers look into it faster and update the software once the fix is tested.

i want to help developers, but every new version, there is popping up new bugs, there is 2075 open issues in github page and still increasing every new version. it should be go decreasing. am i wrong?

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2075 opened issues

@Kaan_Oztoprak I agree there are a number of issues with every new release. But NOT every issue raised either here in the forum or in github is a bug. Some are issues specific to users, some are as a result of the users not knowing how some features work and thus flag them as issues, while some are features needed by users but not yet available/implemented in the application.

I have a few issues too which i have highlighted both here and in github but some of these issues have been resolved either in a previous post or subsequetly, while some are pending resolution. So generalizing without clear distinction between what your specific issues are and how stable (or not) the application is only goes so far to discourage anyone from looking into your issue or helping to provide a fix if indeed there’s an issue to be fixed.

So state what your challenges are and allow someone to either corroborate your issue or point you to a possible fix.


One might argue this count is a measure of popularity!?

The first rule of open source is to scratch your own itch - to fix the problem yourself or find the resources to do that, and contribute that knowledge back to the community. Anyone who cares to is free and welcome to do this.

Of course for whatever reason some users are not in a position to do that…


You should have chosen v11 instead.

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I agree with @szufisher for specifying the bug details. You will be surprised that there would be a solution to the problem you are facing.

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Possibly you are doing something very very wrong out there.