ERPNext Setup not completing on VM


I am trying to setup the ERPNext using the available Virtual Box file.
But I am running into an error, and the setup does not complete. Its gets stuck on the setting up page and does not load further.

Here are the error messages I observed on the console.

Any help regarding this would be really helpful.

Thanks and regards

increase the timeout using

bench config http_timeout <no of seconds>

bench config http_timeout 600

Hi Akshay,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I tried what you suggested, but the VM gave an error.
I am not able to copy the log of the error, but I have a screen shot of it, as shared below.

Thanks and regards


Do you have latest ERPNext VM copy?

Since looking at the error that you have posted it feels like your sites folder is missing common_site_config.json file. In case, file is not present then you may have to create it by executing

  • bench setup config

Hi Shreyas,

Yes it is the latest version.

Thanks and regards

Also, here’s the screen shot of the command you suggested and the errors it gave @shreyasp

Thanks and regards

@ajit.jain1 did you issue the commands from the “frappe-bench” folder … just ensure that you use the command from that folder


I made the changes according your suggestions, timeout to 600 and even to 900 and I got this error

Thanks and regards

Finally was able to setup the ERPNext.

I increased the timeout and added a couple of network adapters to the virtual machine.

Thanks a lot guys.

Please can u tell me what are you doing exactly and where i should add a network adapters …please can u take a picture of this solution…iam a begginer

Please check below link