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ERPNext pos sales auto submission with no reason



Hello @rohit_w,

We a very strange situation with POS system. using the POS random invoices are getting auto validated without the cashier tapping “Pay”.

We’ve been trying to see if it is related to the server, pos user … but we have more than 4 months with this situation, sometimes we get like 10,15,20 invoices auto validated in a day.

Could be related to a bad internet connection that maybe when it loose connection for a split of a second it validates it? Where should I look for it?

By the way or current version:

ERPNext: v10.1.75 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.68 (master)

and we have another app to integrate some tax regulations.



Are you using online or offline PoS ?


online @olamide_shodunke


I use offline PoS and am yet to experience such.

I do remember this happening some time back and @rohit_w came up with a fix. I think .


Offline POS works fine. Try that.


What about the duplication errors? Are those fixed now?



Oh… and the missing invoices issue as well?


Thanks @olamide_shodunke and @Muzzy

I cannot use offline mode because I use a generated sequence for fiscal proposes called electronic fiscal invoice, unless there is a way to keep control of sequences with concurrent cashiers which I doubt


Have you did any customizations? Also if possible can you share the screenshots of the validation messages.


Hi @rohit_w thanks for time for this,

I’ve made some modifications but in an external app enhancing the actual pos app.

Please look the video I have attached, you will notice the following:

  1. The cashier looks for products with “%” upfront because if she starts typing it will enter a lot of different products as she enter the barcode manually. ( I remember it was fix long time ago, but don’t know why it keeps happening.)

  2. Then she enters a second product and in the middle of that process the invoice gets validated, you will see hover message “Validando…” , you can notice how the tab title changes to the default client

  3. Then she keeps entering the barcodes but when she clicks “pay” she notice the amount is less than the POS screen, so she goes to Invoice list a print the invoice so that the manager cancel that invoice for her and she starts a new one.

This is happening several times a day, some times more than other, is like if the app looses connectivity for a microsecond it gets validated :s just guessing…

Can you download it here? it was impossible for me to upload in gif under 350KB



I upload the video again @rohit_w in case you haven’t seen it, this time for a longer period, last time the service I used only last like 12 hours I think…


Hi @rohit_w is there any logs I can look for that might bring some light into this?


It seems related to network… its weird cannot confirm it yet though… somehow app submit invoice (validates) after loosing connection for a milisecond? @rohit_w, could it be that?