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ERPNext listed as a top-5 Front Runner once again (June 2018)


Hello community,

ERPNext has been listed as one of the top products worldwide! Thanks to everyone who contributed in ERPNext coming to this stage. Give a pat on your back :slight_smile:

But we have just begun and there is still a long way to go. ~15 developers can only do so much. If all of us pool in our resources and contribute, we can truly make this an outstanding product…

ERPNext Selected in ERP FrontRunner Quadrant by Gartner


That’s a good news.

Congratulations @rmehta and ERPNext team and community.


Obviously, I love the smoothness and the simplicity of ERPNext. Thank you @rmehta and @erpnext waiting for the @Foundation to happen for tomorrow.

alone we can do so little together we can do so much -Hellen Keller



Kudos to the Frappe Team and all the other contributors. It is heartening to see ERPNext above Odoo.


Congratulations!!.. it is great, well deserved and even more!. Our best regards to the foundation and all the people that makes this possible.


outstanding!!! Congrats!!!


Awesome. Keep up the great work


Here is the link:


Good news.

Congratulations Team Erpnext.