ERPnext Implementation Supervisor needed

We are implementing ERPnext at our company - Jurgyan Industries ( and have decided to go with the implementation in an Organic way, meaning we are not very sure as to what all modules and operations we intend to move to ERPnext. We are looking for someone who can come down to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and help us with that.

Someone who can supervise the entire implementation and with whom we can discuss company procedures, protocols, ERPNext features, etc. Regarding hosting, we have decided to go with Frappe’s hosted setup itself, but we are flexible there.

About the candidate:

  1. Ideally 1.5 - 2 years worth of experience with ERPNext implementations.
  2. Knowledge of simple customisations, etc. is must.
  3. Ideally someone who has implemented ERPNext with the manufacturing module before.
  4. Compensation would be on a day-rate basis. Boarding, Lodging, Travel, etc. would be provided by the company.
  5. Project estimate would be 20-35 days but could end sooner that that as well, as this is our top priority and we would be willing to spend maximum human resources on this.
  6. Our team will provide help with Data entry and all other non technical tasks.
  7. Only people who can come down on an immediate basis.

I understand that for this long a time it could be hard to send a good candidate from existing teams and hence we can strike a balance there, meaning the person would have a desk at our office and from there he could divide his time and work remotely for you - as and when required. For instance he could use an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening for working on his job responsibilities. Something like that, we can arrive at a schedule together later.

Feel free to call me.

+91 702 4112 277
+91 991 643 3969

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