ERPNext Foundation: Update

Dear all,

A quick update on the foundation. We have filed for a license with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) with the Government of India on 3rd March for a not-for-profit company (Section-8) and to-date they are just sitting on our application.

I had gone to personally to meet the officer in charge last Thursday and he told me that he will get it done “this evening”, but clearly he does not care.

So much of ease of doing business in India. The government is following a mis-guded policy cracking down on non-profits (and unfortunately most non-profits have been engaging money laundering activities).

We still have hope. I will probably visit the officer one more time and then will file for a “Right to Information” complaint. At any cost, we will not pay any bribe / speed-money to push this through. If anyone of you has a contact with the MCA please let us know.

We along with everyone else are eager to get this started, so we request everyone to be a bit more patient.



just curious … is there any need that the Foundation is located in India (I mean if it is such a hassle)?

If most nonprofits in India are engaged in illegal activity, doesn’t it make sense that they would crack down?

Ya, that’s ridiculous.

My thoughts exactly.

There is no real reason this needs to be in India, though it needs someone to take leadership and has the trust of the community to lead it.

Totally agree with @rmehta! You take the lead sir!!

Is there any instance someone asked you for a bribe to do the job?

@rushabh_mehta are you interested to have this in Dubai? I could check ? :smiley:

@rushabh_mehta But thinking further, i dont think UAE is open enough and would be suitable for this.

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I have asked @CWT to find out if Germany works. Will post updates here

@rmehta, one of my friend is now Charity Commissioner posting at Kolhapur. Shall I seek any help from him?

@yashodhan Thanks! We have filed as a Section 8 Company with the Registrar of Companies (Central Government).

If we have to register in Kolhapur, it will be a whole new process (might be faster though!)

Edit: It will be a shame if we can’t get this started before the foundation.