ERPnext for constructions industry

As mentioned in my first post here, I investigate some opensource ERP for my company. and as I’m new to the ERP in general I would like to know if ERPnext could be implemented in construction industries without taking in consideration projects management.
Details: So my company sells services which are basically construction projects :

  • Purchases are made for projects and sites that belongs to the company.
  • Stock in my case is “Store” or “Inventory” and used to provide projects with different types of materials.
  • The Company is actually a “group” of companies.

Most of what you ask for works out of the box.
I would try out the free trial at
There is the ability to run multiple companies within one instance of ERPNext But some advanced functionality is not available to the Sub companies. Sub companies have there own independent accounting tree which is great and covers most users needs. A limitation is that sub companies share the same email account as the main Company. For example CompanyB is a secondary company to the main CompanyA. You want to reply to a customer. By default the email is configured to be not
There is a small free Civil Construction Frappe App available here:
It was built by a user on this forum Maybe check it out?