ERPNext Conference 2017: 7 days to go!

Hello Community,

As our next annual conference is already announced. Registration is going on very well and seats are filling fast. If you still haven’t registered for the conference, do register now.

You can check the Conference Website here

Between, you can check this year’s conference T-shirts here.

If you have any other thoughts, please share with us at


I am interested in this Conference , where is the location of this Conf?

Mysore Auditorium,Matunga,Mumbai

I would love to attend theconference. As my plans are very volatile so just wondering if I can also buy the entrance pass at the gate when I arrive in auditorium. Or online purchase is mandatory?

Hi Amarjeet,

Yes, you can also buy the pass on the spot but it would be easier for us if you can register before the conference.

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A couple questions:

  • Will the event be live streamed?
  • Will there be a way for remote audience members to interact (ask questions, etc)?
  • Will the sessions be recorded and provided online for future reference?

Thanks and looking forward to it.


Yes, the event will be live streamed on youtube. You can post your question on the Live Chat section on the youtube. But I think it’s up to the person who is presenting whether he will be taking the questions from youtube live chat. But for the Q&A section, we can definitely pick some of the random questions.

And the whole event will be recorded and published on our youtube channel a few days later.


When will the whole event be published on your youtube channel. I mean after how many days are you planning to publish. And why is it taking some days for you to bublish instead of immediately?

Its already there. Please check

I checked everywhere I can’t find Mumbai conference 2017 videos although 2014, 2015, 2016 confs are there. If you have a link for 2017 conf plz share with me.
I am looking forward for 2017 conf. videos.