ERPNext 13 ova Production module not visible


I have installed the erpnext 13 ova file in virtualbox and all working fine, but I do not see the production module

How do I enable it


You need to search for Manufacturing. Check under Domain Settings if manufacturing is enabled. If not then enable and check the same.

Thank you working now

have a clarification, for a sales order witih
BOM, our craft products do not require the entire BOM to be fulfilled to start production

Is there an option to issue whatever raw materials are in stock and then request for raw materials for purchase which are not in stock


@Tom_AEC did you get a solution on this?

No I did not

Also when creating order, I cannot select a warehouse group, but my raw material stock is in 2 warehouses

Yes … That’s my big issue in dealing currently with erpnext doest not support to create BOM from sales side dynamically… And at same time dealing with different warehouse locations for raw material

Sorry I did not mean BOM at Sales order stage
To others out there - some help - I managed to pick up materials from multiple warehouse.
I marked the group warehouse as favorites, then it appeared in the work order which I used pick list to pick from 2 warehouse and converted to store entry issue for manufacture

On opening the work order it shows status as in progress, with 3 raw materials which were not in stock, but I cannot execute the work order again for purchase of these 3 materials, any help here

Source Warehouses: Select this Warehouse in the Item row. The warehouse where you store your raw materials. Each required item can have a separate source warehouse. Group warehouse also can be selected as source warehouse.

Hi All

If I can get a reply,

how to import pricelist without linking to the item code in the data import as the template does not have item code

whereas Item price for selling items have

Please advice

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